Los Angeles InDesign User Group

A Fireside Chat with Erica Gamet and Jonathan Levit

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Los Angeles Valley College, 5800 Fulton Ave, Van Nuys, California 91401

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Farthest Attendee Prize Winner


Mighty Deals—Melise Gerber



Raffle Prize Winners


eDocker CREATE! 6 month subscription. Value $774.00—Robin Schiff

Stock Layouts. Full access to Stock Layout template library. 3 month subscription. Value $299.00—Robin Schiff

Markzware. 12 month subscription. Value $199.00—Robin Schiff

Expo Creative Asset Manager for Mac from Insider Software. Value $149.00—Robin Schiff

Font Agent Pro 7 from Insider Software. Value $99.95—Robin Schiff

InMotion Hosting. Web hosting and free domain. Value $90.00—William Baughman

DTP Tools Cloud for InDesign. 6 month subscription. $77.40—William Baughman

TypeDNA. Font management software. Value $49.00—Jeff Marcus

Adobe Stock. 15 image licenses. $44.00—Robin Schiff

InDesign Magazine. 6 month subscription. Value $30.00—William Baughman

Pluralsight. 1 month subscription. Value $29.00—William Baughman, Robin Schiff

LA Web Professionals Group meeting ticket. Value $7.99—Hardy Uneta


Note: Only a few people bought raffle tickets, and among those who did, Robin Schiff bought the most and William Baughman bought the second most.


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